Tales of the Tree

The workshop “Tales of the Tree” began the late 90’s as a family business of Mikhail Mashinets and his wife Iva Deryugina.

Mikhail was a teacher at the Yaroslavl Waldorf School. Toys were painted in a peculiar author's style, combining Russian folk motifs, warmed by personal perception, with the principles of Waldorf pedagogy.

Today, about 20 people work in the workshop, the assortment of toys is more than 150 items, and you can meet them all over Russia. In addition, their products are sold in Germany, Netherlands, USA, Spain, Taiwan and even Australia. Toys from the “Tales of a Tree” workshop received many awards at competitions and exhibitions, and also received a quality mark and a certificate “Children's Psychologists Recommend” in 2014, a third-degree diploma of the Golden Bear Cub 2017 National Prize in the field of goods and services for children.