Welcome to Root Children!

We are proud of the unique range of toys that we have to offer. All products in our webshop are pure, durable and largely made of wood that are hand-crafted in Europe, such as the beautiful wooden figurines of Atelier des PeupliersPredan and Kraul made in Germany, fairytale figurines and puzzles from Tales of the Tree and wooden rattles and teethers from ZarToy , both from Russia, trees and animal figurines from BumbuToys in Romania and  beautiful spinning tops made by Mader in Austria. But also products made from other natural materials, such as Amber Necklaces and beeswax and crayons from the German Stockmar. We also sell unique and eco-friendly printed postcards to give as a gift or for the seasonal table and decoration, made by artist Dmitry Yakhovsky.

We expand our stock on a weekly basis!

New in are these beautiful Autumn Oaks with Great Spotted Woodpecker from Bumbutoys. 

We are fundraising to make Austin's treatment for Behcet's Disease possible!

Atelier des Peupliers specially made these Sea Eagle sets for us as a fundraiser.

The 3 year-old Austin has the very rare auto-immune system disease called Behcet's Syndrome. When purchasing the Sea Eagle set all profits of it will go to Austin and his mother, to make treatment possible. Along with these sets we've also opened a fundraiser page if you would like to donate more.

More info on that and about Austin and how this disease effects his life can be found HERE.